Social network analysis is still only taught at a small number of schools, and much of the training new scholars receive comes informally from peers. Would you be willing to help a scholar learn some SNA techniques or simply answer some questions? Your help could make a real difference in someone’s career.

If you’d like to help, please fill out this form so that people with relevant interests can contact you.

Available Mentors

Fowler, James

Rank: Professor

Affiliation: UC San Diego
Areas of Expertise: Large Networks, Social Influence

Jasny, Lorien

Rank: Post-doctoral researcher

Affiliation: University of Maryland
Areas of Expertise: Simulations, Social Influence

Lazer , David


Rank: Professor

Affiliation: Northeastern University
Areas of Expertise: Experiments , Large Networks, Simulations, Social Influence

McClurg , Scott


Rank: Professor

Affiliation: Southern Illinois University
Areas of Expertise: Ego-centric Data/Data structures , Elections , Experiments , Political Participation , Public Opinion , Social Influence, Voter Behavior

Sinclair, Betsy

Rank: Associate Professor

Affiliation: Washington University in St. Louis
Areas of Expertise: Legislatures, Social Influence, Voter Behavior

Victor , Jennifer


Rank: Assistant Professor

Affiliation: George Mason University
Areas of Expertise: American Politics , Large Networks, Legislatures, Political Parties