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  • Section Chair: Anand Edward Sokhey, University of Colorado at Boulder (
  • Vice Chair: ​Bruce Desmarais, Pennsylvania State University (
  • Treasurer: Dino Christenson, Boston University (
  • Secretary; Membership Chair: Matthew Howell, Eastern Kentucky University (
  • Communications Director: Justin Gross, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (
  • Executive Council: Casey Klofstad (University of Miami); Nick Weller, University of Southern California; Justin Kirkland, University of Houston
  • Website:  Anand E. Sokhey (University of Colorado at Boulder) and Seth Masket (University of Denver)
  • Archivist: Lauren Ratliff, The Ohio State University (
  • 2018 Political Networks Conference (POLNET) Hosts (George Mason University): Jennifer Nicoll Victor (George Mason University)
  • Section Program Chair, 2018 APSA Annual Meeting, Jennifer Larson, New York University (

Information on section awards (including deadlines and committee members) can be found here and in the section newsletter, Nodes & Edges.